Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Last Photographs!

Wow! one more surprise. Mrs Forbes and room 5 made some pencils for me, with a marshmallow rubber and a Hershey's kiss for the pencil tip.Inside was a special personal message from each of you which I have read and kept. Thanks guys, enjoy your holidays.

Do well, Excel

Wow! What a wonderful finish to the term. All of our children did really well in their STAR reading test. This test examines decoding words, synonyms, sentence sense and filling in missing words. Thanks so much room 5 for your superb efforts. We did heaps of testing in the last week and while the maths isn't back yet 14 children went up a spelling level! Awesome. We all had hamburgers on the last day and kowhai won the house points for the term. The talent quest was amazing. Well done to the 'Impossible Boys', 'Real Kids', Maia in the 'Footloose Girls', and 'Gentle ladies'. I would like to congratulate Kohana for training the 'Gentle Ladies' and Tama for his 1st place in the instrumental section. On a personal note I would like to thank all the children and the parents with whom I have worked over the years. My time at Huia Range has been made fulfilling by the awesome children who are so joyful and keen to learn. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again. Ka kite ano. Nga mihi nui, Lee Gibbs

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cat at night: Poetry

In written language our students wrote marvelous poetry. Our goal was to paint a visual image with words. Read these spectacular examples! Cats, Ebony eyes Sparkle at day Night time shiny and yellow POUNCE... by Kohana Dancing Flower in the wind Waving gently, softly Delicate petals smooth and sweet Waving by Tobie Cat Midnight black Stalking his prey Looking like dark coal Hunting for fat mice in the TALL green grass Scavenging in bins At midnight by Hemiana Puss white light stalks his prey before the morning rise he hunts like a tiger he falls asleep, silent the sun rises he awakes and streeeeeeeetches. by Arapata

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Digi Award Entries

Room 5 has been learning about how to take interesting photographs with the i-pads. We have had some wonderful results. As a class we did a cloud study and came up with some digi award entries. Well done room 5.
The titles of these photographs are: Grass in the wind by Hemiana, Hope's Blossom by Kezia, Nature's Choice by Ethan, Spring by Chiane, Spring Storm by Orin, Storm Shadow by Tama, Strive Upwards by Tama, Thunder Clouds by Riley, Tree Study by Natisha and Zeus by Mason.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dioramas and Ice Cream!

Over the last few weeks room 5 have created magnificent cat dioramas based on our own original cat poetry. It involved painting, gluing, glitter, pastels, templates, ice-block sticks and weaving and creating images using the computer. The results are TERRIFIC! On Friday we all had an ice cream to celebrate Daffodil Day...Yummy!

Healthy Eating

Room 5 were lucky enough to be chosen for a student nurse presentation by Massey nurses in training. Their names were Amber (from Woodville) and Katelyn who attended our school. We learned about the healthy eating pyramid, how much fat is in popular foods and ate healthy snacks and fruit kebabs. It was a terrific lesson. All families received a lunchbox snack card filled with healthy choices.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Term 3 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students, Wow! Term 3 already. A big thank you to Mrs Arnold for her work in room 5. The children did some wonderful narratives and wind power studies. This is shaping up to be a BIG term. We are beginning with poetry and creating a diorama of a cat lurking in the bushes. We have begun by painting the inside of our boxes to create the background... the children have done a wonderful job. Next we'll tackle making a cat and hanging stars. This is talent quest term. We will do a class item and I am encouraging the children to make up singing or dancing groups, recite dramatic poems or play musical instruments. We are also doing "Hamburger Homework." To encourage children to work independently they can earn ingredients each week towards creating a hamburger on the last day of term. Each child will earn ingredients, one each week, by completing homework. Week one, a serviette to wrap the burger in, week 2 is a bun, and so on. I'm really enjoying being back with such a hardworking, polite and happy group of children. :)